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 Wessley and Andrea Andreason are both lifelong residents of Sevier County, Andrea from Aurora and Wessley from Salina. Twelve years ago, they wanted to start a business to supplement their income when their children were small. With Wessley's background in construction, he saw the opportunity to renovate a laundromat that had been closed down for a few years in Salina. It took a few months to clean up and renovate the building and lot, and it opened in the fall of 2007.  It took a lot of research and time to learn the industry, but they can really say they enjoy the business. 

 After looking at several options for a laundromat in Richfield over the last couple of years, when the building came open on Main Street it seemed like the perfect location. Again renovating and bringing new life to a rundown corner of town, the building is now bright and clean and comfortable. They offer wash and fold services for both personal laundry and small commercial business’s needs. Fleet card services for the car wash and vacuums, as well as self-serve options with credit card availability on every type of machine inside and out. They are excited to be involved with Richfield and Sevier County and look forward to meeting and working with other business owners.