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In 1972 David Okerlund and Dixie Leavitt started Okerlund-Leavitt Insurance Agency, as the only independent insurance agency in the county.  In 2007 David Okerlund and  Cory Sorensen became partners and later changed the agency name to Okerlund, Sorensen & Leavitt.  David retired in 2013 and in Januanry of 2018, Okerlund, Sorensen & Leavitt and Briggs-Yardley-Leavitt in Salina merged an became Sorensen-Leavitt Insurance Agency.  Sorensen-Leavitt is a full service insurance shop offering customized insurance solutions for Business, Personal, Health, and Workers Compensation insurance needs.  Our wonderful staff includes Kassen Eyre, Patricia Christensen, Amie Noyes, Stephanie Mason, Lacey Twitchell, Cena Rasmussen, Annicka Albrecht and Cory Sorensen and they have over 85 years of combined insurance service.