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In the year 2018 Larsen’s Ace Hardware, the family owned and operated business, is not supposed to exist with the presence of big box stores and online sales. We are grateful to be associated with a great company and co-op, Ace Hardware, that has a vision that the hardware store is still relevant. That people still want to go to a store and get outstanding hands on customer service with keys, door locks, power equipment, sprinkler parts, nuts and bolts etc. We also offer assembly of large items like patio furniture and BBQ grills. Larsen’s Ace hardware has been in the delivery business way before Amazon and we continue to deliver products to our customers.

We feel that we have the best customers in the world. We love supporting the folks of Sevier County and are proud to be one of the largest employers in the County. Every year as first time customers come in the store, they always comment on the size and wish their town had a Larsen’s Ace Hardware store. They comment that they could fit about 5 of the stores in there town inside Larsen’s Ace Hardware.  2018 has been a great year. Business is booming and growing despite the growing presence of the .com era, which is why we believe that serving others and giving exceptional customer service is why we exist in this changing era of retail. We would like to thank all those that continue to loyally shop and support Larsen’s Ace Hardware. We would also like to thank all those who presently work at Larsen’s Ace and those who have.  They have all been so important in the success of our business.