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When Chuck Lipsey was in the 11th grade he left school and joined the Marine Corps. There he learned diesel mechanics which laid the foundation for the next 30 years or so.  He ended up in Arizona where he met the love of his life Anita who happened to be the daughter of Gerry and Vicki Hunt from Richfield. After a stint with Sturm Ruger a gun company that would lead you to believe he built guns, he didn’t. He manufactured golf clubs for Calloway who at the time was built by Ruger.

He then followed his wife to Richfield where he found work at Richfield Block. Jorgensen’s were lucky enough to snatch him up as a technician in May of 2000.

 Chuck is a human energy bunny putting down a few Red Bulls and candy bars a day. Chuck weighs around 140lbs after a bath and dinner and consumes more calories than a sumo wrestler.

On pizza day he attacks it by folding it in half then consumes 1 large pizza then ½ of another, large by the way.   Then he drinks another Red Bull or 2 then heads back to his domain and attacks his work stopping only to open 2 snickers bars.

Chuck is a master RV technician specializing in heating and air conditioning along with every other RV need. Chuck will stop any project just to answer a question to help others who are working on their own RV at home.  His knowledge is immense.

Chuck is a rare individual providing old fashioned customer service and always with a great attitude.  We at Jorgensen’s are proud and very lucky to have him in our system.

 Congrats Chuck.  A worthy customer service employee of the month!!