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Terry Ford joined the LARSENS Ace team in 2007 after he worked in the grocery business for 17 years.  Since that time Terry has served as the paint department manager and is also our resident computer nerd.  He is an excellent merchandiser and is constantly checking the inventory levels of the store as well as the appearance of not only the paint department but the entire store.  Terry’s focus is serving the people of the Sevier Valley and the outlying areas.   He knows why LARSENS Ace has been in business for 42 years, because they love serving their customers.   Not just helping people, but really taking care of people like they are family.   Terry tries to be part of the solution not be a hindrance to customers projects.

Terry says his favorite thing about working at Larsen’s Ace is working for the Larsen Family and interacting with them on a daily basis and being part of the AMERICAN engine that are small businesses.

Terry’s least favorite thing about working at Larsen’s Ace is .......... if any of you know Terry he doesn’t have a least favorite part.  However 2 years ago Terry was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  Terry defied the odds - lost lots of weight and changed up his diet drastically and now he is no longer a diabetic. So if there is one thing Terry doesn’t like about working at Ace - he had to give up eating at Munchies and drinking soda pop.   We are extremely grateful to have Terry as part of our team.