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How many of you have had the opportunity to welcome over 2,000 visitors to Richfield from over 40 states, 6 Canadian provinces and 24 foreign countries in just one year?  All of this fun while building an inventory of merchandise and recruiting volunteers to run the Richfield Visitor Center. This is Elaine Street, our Customer Service Superstar for the month of July. From the day Mayor Ogden proposed the establishment of the Visitor Center, Elaine faced up to the tasks ahead and just did whatever was needed to get the project off of the ground. No obstacle was too daunting for her. Like all volunteers on this project, what was not known was quickly sorted out and the tasks identified and accomplished. Elaine was a constant inspiration to all of those around her.

The business of the Visitor Center is helping tourists with their travel plans, recommending travel routes, suggesting places to stay and dine. Since ATVers are such a large portion of visitors, Elaine had to learn more and more about our many hundreds of miles of trails and where to find the best fields of wildflowers – as well as suggest repair facilities when needed.